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Zele International Geared Up for Overseas Sales

June 19, 2008

Zele International, developers of the Zele Lamborghini Orange R35 GT-R as well as the swathe of parts that go with it are finally geared up to start shipping Zele brange tuning parts overseas.

In a press release from Zele today they listed pricing, terms and other information in English. There is also again mention of the upcoming parts from Zele. Namely the transmission cooler and the titanium exhaust. Zele brake pad and Zele Suspension kits are also briefly touched on.

Parts and sales enquiries as well as dealership enquiries are best sent to info@zele-international.com for now. And yes English enquiries are fine!

Link: Zele-International Overseas Distribution of ZELE R35 GT-R Tuning Parts: Press Release