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Zele International: FZ-Titanium Exhaust Type-1 Prototype Update

October 7, 2008

Less is more is how the old saying goes and for a circuit spec exhaust where weight reduction is key this Zele International FZ Titanium Muffler Type-1 is just the ticket. Taking a different approach to some manufacturers in creating the ultimate in circuit spec mufflers, Zele is proud to launch this Type-1 exhaust soon.

One of the great benefits of this design over the competition is compatibility with multiple rear mounted coolers. This single sided exhaust frees up your right side for a DSG transmission cooler while the removal of the large standard center mounted mufflers also frees up the centre rear grille to mount Zele International’s rear differential cooler.

Click the read more link for a full photo of the exhaust installed from underneath, the production model is significantly advanced from the earlier prototypes we’ve seen up until now.

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