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Zele International Dry Carbon Fibre Parts Development

October 3, 2008

Zele International continue the development of their aero parts business by stepping into a more hardcore product range. This week sees the the completion of the dry carbon fibre wing mirror prototype but this is just the first of more to come.

Next on the cards is a full dry carbon Zele front bar and dry carbon Zele design rear spoiler. Will we also see a full dry carbon hood by the end of the year? When we asked Kamata-san, head of Zele and chief of design direction, about it he spoke about the challenges at making an original GT-R dry carbon hood while overcoming certain difficulties and meeting the goals of a lightweight top quality product.

Still we’re pretty confident the guys can figure it out. In the same vein, Zele have some nice surprises in store for upcoming motor shows but we can’t give too much away now.

In other news, Zele is wrapping up the development and tuning of their suspension setup which they recently spent a day with Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada testing at Ebisu Circuit. This is due to be released along with the racing FZ-Titanium Muffler Type1 in the coming months.

Link: Zele Performance Website