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Zele Complete Edition Tuning at Fuji Speedway

March 11, 2009

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Fuji Speedway in your backyard? Spend the weekends on a picnic blanket down by the circuit looking out on the Fuji Mountain vista. Ah memories…

Anyway where were we? Zele have been out to Fuji Speedway with the Complete Edition and in between bursts of view admiring and suspension adjusting have managed to set a 1:50.08 lap time. They’re personally not 100% pleased with the time but it is quite quick.

They think with a set of fresh rubber and a clear lap they can push for mid 1:4x’s. I’m sure the car has that in it and can’t wait till they go back which should be soon. We’ll see then if it has what it takes to be the quickest tuner GT-R at FSW.

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