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Willall Racing’s Transmission Cooler Released, Tested

March 19, 2009

Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Sump Cooler

We were able to give you guys a heads up on the new Willall Racing WR35TC GR6 Transmission Intercooler back in February but now it’s out on sale with data to back it up. One important item we had not mentioned about the WR35TC until now is that it features a coolant pump of it’s own so it does not suffer from the oil pressure issues some other transmission coolers do when relying on the standard oil pump alone.

Willall have taken their own GT-R to the track and put the cooler through a grueling set of hot laps to test it out. On the same day they measured temperatures on the car with the cooler off. Here are the results of the testing:

1 215°F 220°F 231°F (OFF)
2 226°F 231°F 240°F (OFF)
3 237°F 248°F 252°F (OFF)
4 240°F 265°F 264°F (OFF)
5 242°F 272°F 261°F (ON)
6 241°F 255°F (ON)
7 252°F (ON)
8 250°F (ON)
9 249°F (ON)

The cooler comes in a kit with everything you need include:

  • Billet Aluminium CNC sump with Willall Racing Transfer
  • Bar and Plate 450mm x 100mm x 75mm cooler core custom end tanks with -6 fittings
  • Braided lines and -6 / JIC high pressure fittings (around 4 feet)
  • Mounting bracket CNC machined from billet aluminium
  • GR6 Cooler transfer Pump assy
  • Wiring harness (front to rear of vehicle from the battery)
  • WR series 200F Temperature switch
  • Replacement fill plug CNC machined
  • Magnet mounts CNC machined with captive O-rings
  • Silicone hose – custom crimp fittings CNC machined
  • P rubber lined Mounting Clamps x 5
  • Intercooler Mounting bracket
  • Mounting bolts x 4
  • Instruction Manual

As mentioned, the WR35TC is available now. You can pick up the whole kit shipped to your door for $2995 USD while the transmission sump cooler alone is just $1300 USD delivered. When fitted up you can hardly tell it’s there from behind (see photos below) but you’ll sure be glad it is next time you hit the track.

For those in the US, Marietta, GA based Forged Performance has just entered an alliance with Willall to distribute their products in the US so get in touch with the guys there for help with this.

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