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Willall Racing Launch 450kw WR450 Package Downunder

July 14, 2010

Not to be left out of the latest round of tuning packages for Godzilla, Australia can now benefit from Adelaide based tuner Willall Racing’s experience in a neatly packaged format. Willall have launched a locally designed and built performance package designed to get your GT-R breakfasting on supercars in no time without the hassle of going abroad for parts and support.

Willall Racing WR450 R35 GTR upgrade system represents a benchmark of Supercar Engineering that is now available to Australian customers. Forged from data gleaned from thousands of laps test data and engineering analysis and then honed with strong eco-sound credentials WR450 delivers genuine Supercar Crushing Performance and track day durability in a thoroughly developed and comprehensive package that can be applied to your R35 GTR.

Included in the package is a raft of Willall Racing goodies like a WR35EX full titanium exhaust, fuel upgrades capable of handling both E85 and 98 RON fuels and engine oil pan extensions to increase the engine oil volume and thus improve the cooling properties and overall lifespan of the special WR35MO engine oil.

Willall don’t just focus on the engine though and a good deal of thought goes into beefing up the transmission too. The common weak-spots like the gear fasteners and retaining clips get fixed. The clutches get replaced with upspecced items too and the whole lot is protected by the WR35TMVS transmission fluid.

After all that Willall say the WR450 GT-R is good for a reliable 3.1 0-100km/h and a 10.7 quarter mile run.

The WR450 sells for around the $23,800 AUD mark fully installed but sub-packages (engine only, trans only) are available. There’s also optional extras you can add on if you’re so inclined.

For the full run down, head over to the Willall Racing site linked below…

Link: Willall Racing WR450 Website