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Willall Racing WR35TML Transmission Fluid Released

April 6, 2010

If you’re in the market for an alternative transmission fluid, want upgraded performance and protection from a transmission fluid or live in a cold climate, Willall’s new formula might be for you. This new fluid is primarily designed for street applications and for colder climates but has been developed to maintain the benefits of their regular WR35TM fluid such as better gear face protection, better film strength and better clutch drive additives. It does this at a lower viscosity which might be just the thing for those who wake up to freezing temperatures in the morning.

One great thing to note about the new WR35TML is that it looks pretty much identical to the factory green transmission fluid. It will also keep that clear green quality longer than the factory fill which will oxidize and turn black more quickly.

It currently retails around the $600 mark for 10 litres which is good for one full service. See the Willall Racing website or contact your local distributor for more details on pricing shipped to your door.

Link: Willall Racing Website