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Willall Racing WR35TM Transmission Oil Released

November 12, 2008

The new GR6 dual clutch gearbox in the Nissan GT-R is an amazing piece of engineering. When Nissan chose an oil for it they had many goals to reach and the end result was the Nissan Genuine GR6 transmission fluid that comes with the car from the factory. With transmission failures being seen globally now, the question some are asking is; Could this oil have been potentially under-engineered for the application?

Willall Racing today have released their WR35TM Transmission Lubricant specifically designed for the Nissan GT-R GR6 transmission application.

Using Filtergram particulate analysis they conducted extensive research into the performance of the standard gear oil at the track and what they found was… room for improvement stating it kindly.

Standard Gear oil after track use showing large particulate contamination. These are bits of your gears…

This sized particle is obviously a problem, but when its floating about inside your gearbox oil it’s going to have a knock on effect and cause more and more problems which can build up to a gearbox failure in a short time.

Their testing showed, at high temperature, the standard gear oil may not be providing sufficient lubrication.

After changing gear oil to Willall’s new WR35TM and punishing the GT-R on the track again (for a longer period mind you) here’s the same analysis of the gear oil at the same magnification.

As you can see there’s nothing approaching that mountain sized gearbox chunk in here. Willall estimate a 150x reduction in wear at high temperatures and at the same time, this oil remains fully compatible with the GT-Rs dual clutch system. The latter being quite a challenge to achieve.

They also manage to make the gearbox run quieter, run cooler and behave like standard while driving.

So with all these advantages you’d expect to pay a pretty hefty premium over the Nissan stuff right? Well the price is $730 USD (inc worldwide shipping) for one oil change (10 litres) but measure that against Nissan’s price for the same quantity of GR6 oil ($1000) and you’re going to be saving almost $300 a oil change. Good news to those of us who like to push their GT-Rs a bit harder.

Checkout the link below if you’re interested in ordering some for your GT-R.

Source: Martin @ Willall Racing