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Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Cooler – Part 1

February 25, 2009

Willall Racing are taking a different tact in the field of transmission cooling. While thus far the GT-R’s GR6 dual-clutch transmission has been adapted to external cooling via a simple billet adapter and radiator, Willall have taken to engineering an entire sump replacement and more.

We’ve only been given details on the GR6 sump replacement so far so lets dive into what we know.

The Willall Racing Transmission Cooler (WR35TC) comes with an anodised billet aircraft quality aluminium transmission sump. The computer modelled and 5-axis CNC’d sump is deeper than the standard sump allowing for a larger oil volume. The WR35TC sump is also finned allowing for a much larger surface area for heat to both transfer out of the oil and for air to then carry that heat energy away.

The WR35TC provides removable access ports to give access to the transmission magnets which should be cleaned during a transmission service. It also bolts straight on using the OEM gaskets.

This is part one of the cooler, the primary cooling mechanism is yet to be revealed. To see what heat exchanging path they will follow check back soon when we have part 2 of this report.

Thanks to Willall Racing for the images and update. Another image after the Read more link below…

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