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Willall Racing Release GR6 Clutch Retaining Clips

October 12, 2009


More transmission part replacements/upgrades from Willall Racing have been released recently. Known as the WR35CCL, these items replace the stock clips that keep the clutches on the main shaft. While I don’t pretend to know why Nissan went with such a weedy looking retaining clip (left) from the factory it’s evident that once you remove these you probably don’t want to put them back in and rely on them to keep your $26,000 transmission functional.

If you’re fixing or upgrading clutches, piston seals or anything internal to the trans, maybe consider an upgrade like this to do while you’re there. You’ll be replacing these clips anyway so why not go for a more substantial hardened steel version. The price is set at $150.

Link: Willall Racing WR35CCL