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Willall Racing Release Turbo Upgrades and Beefed Up Gearbox Parts

August 9, 2009


Willall Racing are stepping into interesting territory with the release of their latest upgrades for the Nissan GT-R. So far Willall have been focused on lubricating and cooling the GT-R to prevent untimely wear where possible. This time the goal is much more focused on producing power.

At the core, the upgrade consists of larger compressor wheels, 6mm larger to be precise, and larger turbines, 9mm bigger there. Whenever you hear “bigger” with a set of turbos you automatically think of lag and the big “Will these be laggier than standard?”. To answer that, Willall will also be replacing the standard plain bearing core with a full ball bearing item for overall similar low end power delivery.

Willall’s turbo upgrades are inspired by those Nissan made to the GT-R for the SpecV and they say that power output with a set of these fitted could be increased as much as 100awhp. We’ll know more data after they’ve compiled their data.

Right now these are still in the testing phase but pricing and availability details will be posted when we know.


Increasing the GT-R’s horsepower should be considered carefully because once you get hooked on the power you’re going to start wanting to strengthen the drivetrain to ensure reliability. Willall have you covered for cooling and lubrication but other weakpoints are being handled as well. The WR35CC GR6 Gear Fastener set is a set of three replacement clips for those that Willall have seen failing on GT-R transmissions.

According to Willall, the factory circlip, which essentially holds the transfer gear secure on the shaft is of questionable suitability for the task. So they drew on their motorsports experience to improve on it.

While the replacement does require remove and refit of the gearbox, it makes sense for anyone replacing their gearset or performing any other extensive gearbox work to do “while they’re there”.

Priced at $370 it may very well be cheap insurance against a terminal failure.

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