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Willall Racing High Volume Oil Pan for Nissan GT-R

June 5, 2009


The VR38 is a well designed engine but as with any high powered turbocharged engine design it runs hot and puts a lot of pressure on the engine oil to perform. The standard GT-R’s oil volume however may be considered lacking by some for the extreme rigors involved in motorsports.

Willall Racing have developed an extended oil pan for the VR38 to increase the total oil capacity of the engine. Bumping up the capacity from 5.5 litres to around 7.1 litres. The extra oil capacity helps keeps temperatures down and improve oil longevity.

The WR35OP, as it is called, is made from CNC billeted aluminium and bolts on in place of the OE item. The lower section is removable and finned to increase the surface area for extra cooling.

Production of the first units has begun and these should be available soon if everything goes as planned. We’ll keep you updated.

Link: Willall Racing Website