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WALD Interior Parts for R35 GT-R

September 7, 2008

Not complacent in just making over the exterior of the GT-R, the WALD artists have taken to the interior of the R35 just as enthusiastically with carbon fibre and leather parts. Here you can see the gear surround and the main instrument surround tastefully recreated in CF.

We also see that the gear knob, hand brake boot and center console armrest are reclad in Nissan GT-R black-edition matching red on black Alcantara. A great looking addition to an already good interior.

WALD are on track to complete their GT-R demo car well in time for Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 in January next year. GTRBlog will be there early taking a full range of photos of this car up close so we can really see how it turns out.

Thanks to Chuck from NAGTROC for the link.

Source: WALD via GTR-World.net and NAGTROC

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