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Video: MyRide.com Nissan GT-R R35 Review

June 12, 2008

Great review from these guys over at MyRide.com. Some decent scenery in the video as they take the GT-R on a significant road trip. Of course they love the car as much as I do so of course I’m going to say they’re a bunch of good guys.

Anyway thanks to all who wrote in to show me this video, I hadn’t posted it until now because I was so busy taking an R35 GT-R for a spin myself locally. More to come on that later but I stand by my original review from way back in January when I first drove the car in Tokyo that this car is an amazing machine and that many of the little gripes people have with it are exactly that. Petty gripes that either barely matter or that don’t detract from the car in any significant way.

On to the vid!

Source: MyRide.com – Cheers to GTRBlog member Advan for sending this in first

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