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Ventross Launch VTR Aero for Nissan GT-R

May 18, 2009


A division of US parent tuning company Vorsteiner, Ventross has been tasked with creating original styling packages for various Japanese cars. So far they’ve given the Lexus IS-F a makeover and this week they launch their Nissan GT-R aero lineup.

Up front the Nissan’s front bar and front lip is replaced. The single piece carbon fibre VTR Aero Front Bumper adds an aggressive looking pair of front intakes as well as an extended lower spoiler which should bump up the front downforce. Being constructed using Vorsteiner’s carbon fibre honeycomb matrix method, this should be quite a durable part.

In back is VTR Aero rear underspoiler with built in diffuser again manufactured in carbon. Release date for these items is the 1st of June 2009.

These items look aggressive but keep the overall GT-R lines and because of that come away a winner indeed. It’ll be great to see Ventross have a go at some side skirts or rear spoiler in the future.

Link: Ventross Website
Images: Vivid Racing and Ventross