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US Delivered GT-R Weighed and Dyno’d

July 12, 2008

Well there is no debate left now about ringer cars or whether or not the 2009 Nissan GT-R will still be the full fat version when it hits the shores of the US as new owners are quickly finding out. Sean from 2009 GT-R blog has already posted up that he’s confirmed the US model’s launch control does in fact function as promised.

Another new owner has posted up corner weights and dyno charts after having his white premium model delivered this week. The car tipped the scales at 3875 lbs with 3/4 tank of gas and everything else on board including the option floor mats.

They also stuck the brand new car on the dyno with less than 100miles and recorded 423 hp at all wheels with 414 lbft of torque. He also noted that the torque split guage read 50% the entire dyno run so this is a fairly accurate four wheel power figure.

More pics and dyno chart after the jump.

Source: NAGTROC, 2009 GTR Blog

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