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Type1 Racing Stainless Braided Brake Lines for Nissan GT-R

April 3, 2009


Ever get that spongy brake pedal feeling when you’ve got some heat into your brakes after a bit of hard driving? One contributing factor is your factory brake lines expanding. Rubber gets hot and it gets flexible but these brake lines are teflon coated braided stainless and will not expand outwards at high temperatures.

Nissan had recognized this issue in the GT-R and increased brake line stiffness for the Series II GT-R but most current GT-R owners won’t get the benefits of that change unless they do something about it themselves.

These are a cost effective way to do that, for now, $149 gets you these brake lines including shipping to the lower 48 states from our partner SpeedForSale.com. Before you ask, yep they do meet DOT standards.

Our friend Darin from Budez.com will be fitting up a set to his GT-R soon so we can get an idea of how they improve his brake feeling on the track.

A few other parts from Type1Racing have been released lately, we won’t go into details here but check their website and the photo gallery below.

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