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Type1 Racing’s Turbo Outlet Pipes Tested

February 21, 2009

Type1 Racing finished off their complete turbo back exhaust solution with the release of these turbine outlet pipes recently. These de-cat outlet pipes are made from SUS316 grade stainless and are 76.3mm in diameter and are completely tig welded.

They also ship with the T1R O2 fix to prevent the “Check Engine Light” condition some guys report after fitting aftermarket de-cat front pipes. Check after the jump for a photo of that installed.

Fitted together with the T1R 90R exhaust and mid-pipes on the AJ Racing GT-R the guys dynoed the car and measured a 60hp and 50 lb/ft gain over the standard exhaust. The front pipes alone accounted for 10hp and 11 lb/ft of torque at peak with as much as a 30 hp improvement just from the front pipes in the midrange.

Since there’s no catalytic converters, these pipes save almost 7 kg over the OEM versions. When released in early April 2009 they will go on sale for $1050 CAD or around $795 USD.

Source: Type1 Racing Blog and NAGTROC
Link: Type1 Racing Website