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Type1 Racing’s T1R 90R Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

November 21, 2008

In response to the demand for locally made exhausts for the Nissan GT-R, Canadian based Type1 Racing have today announced their T1R 90R exhaust system.

The T1R 90R will be available in 304 stainless and full titanium versions. Both versions feature titanium tips for that tough burnt titanium look at the back. The exhaust features a 90mm diameter main pipe with 76mm piping after the mufflers.

The stainless T1R 90R will cost around $1500 USD when it’s out in spring of ’09.

Type 1 Racing also announced their upcoming T1R SS front pipes. This Y-pipe is made from 304 stainless and features two 65mm diameter from the turbine outlet pipes into one single 90mm pipe.

The T1R SS will be compatible with the standard exhaust but after market cat back exhaust is recommended. It should be available for Christmas time at around the $500 USD mark.

Source: Type One Racing via AJ-Racing @ NAGTROC