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Trust / GReddy Release Intake Pipe Kits for Nissan R35 GT-R

October 24, 2009


Trust have extended their range of GT-R parts recently with the release of a variety of intake piping kits. First up and pictured above is the Trust Aluminium Intake Piping Kit. The kit is a direct replacement for the OE piping designed for bolting straight up with the factory air boxes installed. Six replacement 70mm aluminium pipes and silicon hose joiners with clamps ship with the kit. This kit is compatible with the GReddy Intercooler kit but not the GReddy TD06 turbine kit, GReddy will release a kit compatible with the TD06 kit soon.

This kit goes for around the 159,600 yen in Japan.

Next up is a pair of airbox replacement GReddy Suction Kits. There’s the Type-1 kit which includes two aluminium turbine compressor replacement pipes and a pair of foam mushroom filters. This kit includes silicon hose joiners also and sells for 100,800 yen in Japan.

Lastly is the GReddy Suction Kit Type-2, the unique thing in this kit is that the air boxes are replaced with a pair of mushroom filters that are positioned in front of the radiator support where they have more ready access to cold air. It includes polished aluminium compressor replacement piping, silicon hose joiners and airfilters and sells for 120,750 yen in Japan.

Link: Trust Official Website