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Trust Exhaust for R35 GT-R

August 31, 2008

Trust have long been in the exhaust game building extremely good value for money exhausts for a wide range of cars. I’ve personally had Trust exhausts on many of my cars including my R34 GT-R. We saw a prototype Trust PE Ti titanium exhaust at Tokyo Autosalon 2008 and have been awaiting the release of a Trust exhaust ever since.

This week Garage Saurus have got hold of just such an exhaust for a customer. As you can see there is a significant difference in design vs. the exhaust we saw at TAS2008 down to the materials used. A much more traditional stainless steel exhaust with titanium tips.

Exhaust pipe diameter is on the large side with 80mm diameter piping branching out to 4x115mm tips. Price is 378,000 yen.

More photos after the jump.

Source: Garage Saurus

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