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Transformers Alternity Convoy Nissan GT-R Model Arrives – GTRBlog Review

March 2, 2009

Takara Tomy’s GT-R Transformer model has been hotly anticipated by Transformers and GT-R fans alike since it was spied way back in August 2008 at Chara Hobby Show 2008. It’s finally hit shelves in Japan and we had two of them couriered to us at GTRBlog on day 0 of availability. They’ve arrived today so we’ve unboxed them for a closer look on camera for our readers.

First up some background, the Nissan GT-R Transformer is one of the Alternity line of Transformers which are alternate forms of the characters we remember from the original Transformers models. The GT-R represents the alter ego of main man Optimus Prime (also known as Convoy by his Japanese home boys) when he’s not wearing his trucker outfit…

I’m not one to judge about what Optimus does to make ends meet but I am one to share my impressions of the model.

Firstly thanks to our sponsors HobbyLink Japan for providing these models in such a short time. I don’t actually remember any time passing from receiving the shipping notification to the delivery notification but there was a weekend in between so that could account for my blank spots. Suffice to say it was fast and I got them this morning.

First impressions are that this is way better built than the photos we saw earlier suggested. There’s lines in the body, yes but the dimensions are good and the details are pleasing to the eye so that you can overlook the lines. Especially since you know what’s inside. It’s safely packed in a bubble of protective flexible transparent plastic so you don’t need to worry about shipping damage.

Picking it up reveals it weighs a lot more than your average model. There’s that solid feel to it that you get when you pickup a quality die cast model like an Auto Art. The scale is 1/32nd which turns out to be a nice bookshelf display size. I always thought the Ebbro 1/43rd scale models were a bit small for that task unless in a display box. This wont need one to strut it’s stuff and maintain law and order over your porcelain cat collection.

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Link: Hobby Link Japan
Link: Hobby Link Japan – Buy Transformers GT-R

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