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Top Secret Update – New Parts and Upcoming Parts for Nissan GT-R

October 11, 2008

Top Secret, quiet on the GT-R front until recently, has unveiled, released and publicised a load of new and upcoming parts. Breaking their silence we have a few details about their current parts line up and their new parts in development from their Chiba, Japan based workshop.

First up is this titanium intake hard pipe kit pictured above. It comes with stainless intercooler piping and titanium intake manifold piping it certainly dresses up your engine bay in a unique way. You will also be able to get the kit in just stainless for a little less. Not out just yet but expect this soon.

We have been keeping you in the loop on their titanium twin sound remote activated exhaust system and this week we received the Top Secret press release unveiling it for sale. Officially known as the TV-Pro Titanium Muffler the confirmed price is 525,000 yen plus shipping from your vendor. This includes the carbon fibre exhaust surrounds we showed last weekend.

Keep reading after the jump for more news on Top Secret’s current and planned parts lineup for the R35 GT-R…

Link: Top Secret Home Page
Link: Top Secret Dealer USA/NAM – GT-RR.com
Link: Top Secret Dealer Europe/EMEA – GTR23.com

To go with the TV-Pro exhaust you’ll be looking to acquire some front pipes. Top Secret’s got you covered with a set. Available in either full titanium for ultra lightweight or stainless steel. Both items are de-cat and have a 70mm pipe diameter.

The titanium unit retails for 136,500 yen while the stainless version is just 102,900 yen.

Now you’ve upgraded the exhaust, how about adjustable suspension? Well the GT-R already has amazing electronically damper adjustable suspension so Top Secret have developed a collar kit to fit the Bilstein Damptronics. This kit adds height adjustment as well as a selectable spring rate. Top Secret have chosen their preferred spring rates and bundle with helper springs also. This kit retails for 233,100 yen.

If you need height adjustment more regularly, have a steep driveway maybe? Or like to have one look for show and one setting for the track then this might be for you. Top Secret have put together a kit from Roberuta for remote controlled height adjustment. This fits standard suspension or the Top Secret height adjustable collar suspension kit. The Roberuta Cup kit retails for 396,900 yen or in a set with the Top Secret height adjusting collar kit for 588,000 yen all up.

Last but not least are these Top Secret carbon fibre enclosed air filters. They replace the stock airboxes and mount the MAF on the intake piping attached. These are still under development right now with no firm pricing.