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Top Secret Launch Turbo Upgrades and More for the Nissan GT-R

May 16, 2010

Just launched are a batch of new parts out of Japanese tuning house Top Secret including the latest high flow ball bearing turbo upgrade.

Let’s check out the turbos first. The Top Secret turbo upgrades are said to be good for around 600hp while maintaining streetability and standard spool characteristics by using ball bearing cartridges. The standard housings are utilized and honed out to fit the larger internals. You can see a comparison of before and after below and a dyno chart from Top Secret in the photo gallery below.

Up next is the Top Secret Super Suction Kit which replaces the OEM compressor side cast piping with a larger 56mm internal diameter stainless versions. It works well with the Super Induction Kit, sold separately, but works with the stock intake system just as well.

Then we have the Top Secret Oil Catch Can, a custom unit with a 2 litre capacity. It’s internally baffled, is 180x180x65mm in size and is fitted with a level gauge.

Lastly we have a Top Secret Bonnet Damper Kit, something simple that many thought Nissan should have included with the GT-R to begin with. These gas struts make the hood support obsolete and are a great idea for those who like to work on the car themselves. They’re even covered in a cf-look wrap.

For more info and pricing, head on over to the official Top Secret distributor, GT-RR and check out the entire range of Top Secret gear….

Link: Top Secret Parts @ GT-RR.com