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Top Secret Exhaust – Completed and Photographed

September 25, 2008

Regular readers will remember when we featured the latest titanium exhaust out of Top Secret back in August. The guys have been working hard since then to bring it from prototype to production and managed to keep all the promised features along the way.

Yep that includes the electronically controlled valve which gives you control of the exhaust note. Kit comes with the exhaust, controller and two remote keyfobs to actuate the exhaust valve. When closed the exhaust is louder than standard but not obnoxiously so at 94dB. When the exhaust valve is opened however it manages up to 120dB by opening the left exhaust outlet up without the final muffler.

Price is about 420,000 yen in Japan plus any applicable shipping, tax and installation. The exhaust is due to be released real soon.

Source: Option Magazine, and Ben Linney from GTR23.com for some of the photos

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