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Top Racing HK: Track Day Performance at ZIC in China

October 27, 2009


A little over a month back now, Hong Kong based tuner Top Racing was out at Zhuihai International Circuit in China to collect data on the Willall Racing cooling solutions and the HKS suspension systems for the Nissan GT-R. This particular R35 Demo car was built aiming to set as a reference for other R35 owners.

The Top Racing GT-R Demo car is fitted with what some would term as only mild, bolt on modifications. We see the HKS GT600 Kit with the HKS Superior Spec R Titan Muffler, the latest HKS Hypermax 3 Super Sport Suspension, COBB Tuning Anti-roll Bar, COBB Tuning AccessPORT, Willall Transmission Cooler and Dixcel RE Brake Pads with rotors.


Over the course of the two day track event, the air temperature was close to 40 degrees celsius. Top Racing conducted the tests with the GT-R tuned to run 1.1 bar of boost with Willall Racing oils protecting the engine, transmission and the differentials. Saturday’s main focus was on the suspension setting and after all was said and done the guys managed a best time of 1:47.6.

On Sunday, there was a chance for the Top Racing team to stress test the oil and the cooling system. During testing their results were pointing in the right direction but, due to interruptions, only 8 hot laps were able to be completed during the one session. Based on the data gathered however, there is no doubt that the oil will maintain good temperatures even over a 10 lap session in the scorching heat.

Overall, it was a successful event, and the data gathered by the Top Racing Demo car will be extremely useful to use as a baseline for further GT-R builds to come. Taking certain steps with the setup of the car can go a long way to eliminating any over heating issues.

Furthermore, another point worth making was in regards to the Dixcel RE brake pads. Their performance overall was extremely good with no sight of fading even after 8 laps back to back in the heat. Moreover, the wear on the brake discs and the pads over the two days was far less than expected. These brake pads were developed for endurance races, and are highly recommended for GT-R users planning to do some track work.

Next steps for Top Racing are to look forward to building a more aggressive track orientated R35 GT-R with a horsepower target of between 700 ~ 800 hp. The guys are looking forward to an even better laptime next visit to Zhuihai.

Link: Top Racing HK Website