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Tommy Kaira Ebbrezza-R Aero Kit Version 2 Now Available

March 10, 2010

More updates from Tommy Kaira this week, hot on the heels of their Ebbrezza-R global product launch they’ve released pricing on the version 2 kit. This kit will feature the exact same aggressive design as the original Ebbrezza-R GT-R we got our first look at earlier in the year but will be feature key pieces fabricated in FRP to drive down the overall cost.

You may recall that Tommy Kaira have recently switched their marketing strategy up so that customers can purchase any individual piece of the kit they desire, but they also make available groups of parts in sub-kits on top of the traditional full kit.

For the Ebbrezza-R GT-R Version 2, customers will notice that the following pieces are now made from FRP:

Part Ebbrezza-R Version 1 Ebbrezza-R Version 2
Front Under Diffuser Wet Carbon FRP
Side Step Kit FRP+Wet Carbon FRP
Rear Underspoiler Wet Carbon FRP
Rear Fender Arch Extension Wet Carbon FRP
* Full parts list in our previous post or at GT-RR.com

This brings the prices for the kit down overall a healthy amount, for example, for the Front Style Kit which includes the Front Bumper, Front Under Diffuser, Front Lip Spoiler, Front Grille Cover, and Side Ducts you’ll pay just 525,000 yen. Thats down over 100,000 yen versus the version 1 kit.

The price savings grow when you look at the Full Ebbrezza-R Aero Kit though which is down to just 1,260,000 yen in Japan ($13,950 in the US). A saving of 420,000 yen versus version 1!

Combine this with the new global distribution partners and I think we’ll see a few more Tommy Kaira Ebbrezza-R GT-Rs globally shortly!