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Tomei Poncam Camshafts for Nissan GT-R

January 6, 2010

After just the right amount of anticipation, Tomei has joined the Nissan GT-R camshaft party with their own range of upgrades under the Poncam brand. Well respected in the tuning world forever, the Poncams are a drop in replacement for the standard items.

On the intake side, the Poncams increase duration to 256° and lift to 10.2mm with a initial lobe center angle of 124°. On the exhaust side the cams feature a 264° duration and 10.5mm of lift. Initial lobe center angle on the exhaust side is 115°. In comparison stock ones are 238°, 9.56mm intake and 248°, 9.88mm exhaust.

For now, there’s just one spec of Poncams for the VR38DETT, but at 134,400 yen in Japan for the full set they’re priced competitively. You can also opt for just the in or ex set for 67,200 yen a pop.

Tomei have a big showing planned for Tokyo AutoSalon 2010 which begins later this month (15th – 17th Jan) so we’ll be sure to snap a few photos of the cams in the flesh.

Link: Tomei USA Website