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Tokyo AutoSalon 2010: Nismo ClubSport Nissan GT-R Data Logging Option

January 15, 2010

The 2010 Nismo ClubSport package Nissan GT-R was at the show today so we asked Nismo for the lowdown on the new data logging kit option. Given access to the ClubSport GT-R we were able to fiddle about with it to discover what it means.

From what we could tell, it’s much the same MFD that we’re used to, however it’s now fitted with a USB port in the center console next to the standard 12v power socket. Utilising this, it is possible to store the MFD data on a USB storage device for examination and import into software later. In that way, it’s a useful tool to help you improve your driving on the circuit.

We didn’t spot too much in the way of software tweaks on the car itself and didn’t have access to or learn of any software Nismo supplies to read the data so we can’t draw any conclusions on that side of things.

Overall is this option welcome? Yes, if available by itself on a base model GT-R at the dealership. If you need the Nismo ClubSport package to take advantage of it then I don’t see it being a top seller.

That being said, we’re aware that other manufacturers are building friendly data logging units for the GT-R now which are likely to have the same data export features.

Time will tell which is the better option to go with.

Link: Nismo ClubSport Website
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