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Tokyo Auto Salon 2009: GTRBlog Visits Zele International

January 5, 2009

We are well and truly in the lead up to the biggest Japanese tuner show of the year, Tokyo AutoSalon, now. Today we paid a pre-TAS visit to one of my favourite workshops, Zele International.

Zele have two workshops not far from Tokyo. The first is at Atsugi while the main showroom is situated in Yokohama. We went to their Yokohama workshop to meet with Zele’s President, Satoshi Kamata-san to discuss their AutoSalon plans and plans for the sale of the new Zele Complete Edition package which is making it’s public debut in Japan at the show on Friday.

As already revealed, just eight Zele Complete Edition cars will be built. They are available to anyone worldwide with the caveat that you ship your GT-R to the Zele Yokohama workshop for the work to be carried out.

While many of the Zele Performance parts like the front bumper, side skirts and rear underspoiler are available through dealers, the key Zele Complete Edition dry carbon pieces will at this time, not be available to buy outside the Complete Edition full car package. This includes, the dry carbon front bumper (not including the regular FRP front bumper), the dry carbon rear wing, the dry carbon side mirrors and the dry carbon roof.

While we were there we got to check out both the Type-1 and Type-2 FZ-Titanium exhaust systems. The Type-1 was installed on the Zele Complete Edition demo car. The video below is what the FZ-Titan Type-1 exhaust sounds like on the FZ-ROM ECU Type-3 (550ps) tuned GT-R.

The FZ-Titan Type-2 exhaust is also an option on the Zele Complete Edition package. This more conventional looking quad outlet exhaust is of the best quality possible. We took a set of detailed photos for those undecided on which exhaust to go for on their GT-R.

Last but not least we got some exclusive photos of the last optional item on the Zele Complete Edition package not yet seen by the public. We will be posting those in the next 24hrs so stick around to find out what it is.

For those interested in meeting up with the NAGTROC and GTRBlog teams, we’ll be holding a meetup at TAS on Friday the 9th of January from 3:00pm – 3:30pm at the Zele International booth (#215) at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009.

Link: Zele Performance Website
Link: Tokyo AutoSalon Website