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TAS2009: Blitz R35 GT-R Goes Rear Wheel Drive, Manual Gearbox

January 9, 2009

Tokyo AutoSalon is here today. One of the biggest surprises of the show for many is the Blitz Nissan GT-R. Blitz are developing the Nissan GT-R for the D1 drift series in Japan.

Speaking with a Blitz representative, Kawabata-san, today we have learnt that Blitz have a desire to have Nomuken drive this car in an upcoming D1 season. While they wont commit to a definite date, 2010 was not out of the question.

Blitz have not yet completed the car but the removal of a significant amount of AWD drivetrain has lightened the car considerably. The job’s not completed however so they cannot give a definitive answer on exactly how much.

New on the exterior of the Blitz GT-R for TAS09 is Blitz ZRR suspension, Blitz Carbon Infusion carbon hood, BRW09MAG forged magnesium wheels. The carbon hood is top quality looking item. When we asked if it was dry or wet carbon we were told it was a “carbon infusion”. We’ll have to translate the text on their explanation for exactly what that process means.

On the interior we see a custom carbon panel for the gear shifter, the gearbox is a Hollinger sequential unit so no need for a H-Pattern. The A/C is also removed and the controls replaced with a trio of Blitz gauges. The seats remain standard but perhaps a set of Bride seats will find there way to this car, Blitz said.

When asked about engine modifications, Blitz were confident that the standard motor with the full Blitz exhaust would be suitable for the development of the drift car and that no hard core power modifications are planned at this time.

Notice the three pedals in the photo below. This is a first for the R35 GT-R and something many people wanted to see. Dont forget to follow the jump to see the rest of the photos from the Blitz R35 GT-R.

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