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Tokachi 24hrs: Race Update

July 21, 2008

The Tokachi 24hrs endurance race is more than halfway completed now and the GT-R has had one hell of a time. It’s still going though which is great news for the team.

Problems started early on, the GT-R has been making frequent pit stops for fuel and during one such pit stop there was a issue with the refueling system causing some dramatic issues. The pit team was forced to fix the problems then and there costing them over 35 minutes in the pits. The car went back out but was many laps down.

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Source: GTR-World Live Race Coverage

Since then it put in a solid performance but clawing back those lost laps is not an easy or fast process. Around 11:46pm the GT-R pit in for a routine refueling but a routine check of the car found some issues with the rear drive shafts. The drive shafts were quickly replaced and the GT-R was back out to continue the race in 23rd place.

Around 6AM this morning the GT-R managed to destroy all 5 bolts on a rear hub. It miraculously managed to crawl back into the pits at very low speed. This cost the team another 25 minute pit stop where they changed the rear hub. The GT-R was able to re-enter the race however and is continuing to strive to finish.

At 7:25AM he GT-R pitted once again, into the garage expecting big problems but after a quick 5 minute inspection it was off again to continue.

The GT-R is currently in 21st position about 67 laps down on the race leader after completing 408 laps. We expect the GT-R to get 20th spot soon from the #20 ADVAN Evo ST2 class car which is just one lap in front.

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