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Tokachi 24hrs: Motul Nismo R35 GT-R Practice Session

July 19, 2008

The Motul Nismo GTR-World R35 GT-R was out on Tokachi Speedway Friday testing during the free practice sessions. The car was out twice in the morning session, once later in the afternoon and twice during the night practice session. It’s critical to test under night conditions because so far all previous testing in this brand new car has been during the daylight while the actual race is 24hrs long.

This practice also gave the pit crews a chance to practicing their tire changing, refueling and brake caliper/rotor changing.

The tires being used are the Bridgestone RE55S tire. These tires are providing a high level of grip but other classes are able to run full slicks. So far though in practice the GT-R is keeping up with the Super Taikyu 2 (ST2) class Evo’s! There is obviously a wealth of performance potential in the GT-R.

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Source/Photos: GTR-World.net: Tokachi 24hr Race Practice Sessions

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