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Tokachi 24hr Race: More Nismo R35 GT-R Buildup Part 3

July 7, 2008

Another update from GTR-World.net with even more detailed photos of the Nismo R35 GT-R buildup in progress over at Omori Factory. We know this build up is finished now because the completed car has been spied on the track but still this is extremely interesting to see what’s gone into it.

First up we see how Nismo have addressed cooling. The answer is not much has changed. The A/C condensor has been removed but apart from that the standard intercoolers and standard radiator remain. We also know now that the front bar is modified to allow more than standard airflow to the radiator by way of removing the GT-R badge and cutting ducts in the nose section. The oil cooler location remains the same but the core has been upgraded to a larger one.

Continue reading and see the rest of the photos of the buildup after the jump!

Source: GTR-World.net – Tokachi 24hr MOTUL NISMO GTR-World Nissan R35 GT-R Build – Part 3
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As for the engine itself, it is completely standard apart from a plethora of sensors all set to record every bit of data generated during the race. It is these sensors that determine how Nismo will further develop their R35 GT-R parts.

Next we move to the wheels. Clearly they are Rays TE37’s at first glance but there is a subtle difference as some material has been removed from the center of the spokes. These both reduce weight and give the wheels a unique look. The wheels are single piece forged aluminium in construction. These will most likely be available as Nismo option wheels!

You can also see in this above photo how Nismo plan on keeping an eye on caliper temperatures. Using heat indicating strips positioned over each piston.

Last but not least you can see they have adopted some conventional Billstein adjustable coilovers to replace the standard Billstein Damptronic suspension. Unfortunately Nismo have no plans to make this particular suspension into a Nismo suspension kit.

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