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TiTek Titanium and Stainless Mid Pipes for Nissan GT-R

February 7, 2009

TiTek have announced the release of their titanium midpipe this week which follows on from the release of the same midpipe crafted out of stainless steel which was released in January this year.

Both midpipes are catless, that is they delete the secondary catalytic converters which are fitted to the OEM midpipe. This coupled with an increase in pipe diameter to 76mm x2 into 89mm x1 results in a significant increase in power and response. Check the dyno graphs after the jump for a comparison of stock vs. TiTek midpipes.

The titanium version does more than just increase pipe diameter and delete cats, it also tips the scales at just 10.34 lbs (4.7kg) – significantly lighter than standard.

Price for the stainless steel midpipe is just $990 from SP Engineering and the titanium will come in around the $2333 mark.

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Standard vs. TiTek Stainless Midpipe Dyno Chart

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