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Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update

May 4, 2008

The Tire Rack One Lap of America event is a yearly endurance race held as time trials at racetracks throughout the United States. A full-on 20 legs and over 5,000 miles of racing packed into a single week which started the 2nd of May and which will wrap up on the 10th of May.

One Nissan GT-R is entered into this contest by Car and Driver magazine and is driven by Tony Swan and Mary Seelhorst. It’s entered into the SSGT1 Big Bore class alongside cars like the Corvette Z06, Porsche 911, Dodge Viper and Ford GT. Serious competition to say the least. Vehicle modifications are permitted as well and will not change the class you are entered in, for example one entrant is running a Hennessey Performance Dodge Viper.

Tire regulations however are strict on the One Lap, cars are restricted to street tires of one type only and tires cannot be changed without good reason and only to the same type. The GT-R is running the Bridgestone RE070 runflats.

Continue reading after the jump for results so far and more photos.

Results so far have been good, yesterday’s wet skid pad stage saw the GT-R 9th overall gaining 320 points with a max G force of 0.882G. Considering the poor wet performance of the RE070s this could have been worse.

Event two at Road America circuit saw the GT-R do better managing 4th overall with a 8:11 second time gaining 345 points.

These two good finishes put the Nissan GT-R in second place in it’s class and fourth overall in the race.

Check back soon for further updates over the coming week!

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