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Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update #4

May 9, 2008

Wow it’s beginning to turn into Tirerackblog.com around here… Anyways here’s an update on how the Nissan GT-R has been doing in the Tire Rack One Lap of America!

First off we got an explanation direct from Mary, the co-driver, regarding the poor 1/4 mile ET last we told you about last update. As thought, Tony had difficulties figuring out the launch control system. There are a series of steps to follow and once done the launch control is easy to cancel. Seems Tony accidentally canceled the launch control on each pass attempt while rolling forward to the line. Ah well, thanks Mary for the inside info.

So on to the results, the GT-R did well at the No Problem Raceway in events 9 and 10 with a great 8th and 7th placing for 325 and 330 points. Carolina Motorsports Park was kind on the GT-R too with two 7th positions for 660 points total.

Onward to BMW motorsports park and a decent finish for the BMWs. The GT-R doesn’t do too badly though with a 9th spot.

That’s about when the rain started. The race hit Virginia International Raceway and so did the weather. The RE070’s are reportedly disastrous in the wet so the team finished well down in 43rd position in event 14. Behind a Honda Odyssey! Slightly better with a 39th in event 15. Finally the rain stopped and they made up for it finishing 7th in event 16.

So where does that place us overall? Well 6th in class still but movin’ on up one place to 6th overall! Great going guys!

Source: TireRack OneLap and NAGTROC
Images: Billyco @ NAGTROC