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Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update #3

May 7, 2008

The Nissan GT-R is still hanging in there despite an abysmal effort at the drag strip (sorry Tony). We left off yesterday at event four so here’s a rundown on what’s been run since then. Events 5 and 6 were held at Texas World Speedway, the GT-R finished in 14th spot ahead of Porsche’s and exotics in event 5 and 13th in event 6. Enough to snatch 295 and 300 points respectively.

Event 7 was where the GT-R was expected to shine, irrespective of driver the GT-R is good for a mid 11 second pass at the drag strip as long as you push the right buttons. Obviously the buttons remain un-pushed or there was some mechanical problem because the 12.8 second pass is what they managed. Even without launch control a mid 12 second should have been a given. So unfortunately it placed 16th in that test scrounging just 200 points.

On the back of these results the GT-R still remains in 6th place in it’s class but moves back two spots to be 7th overall. Still an admirable effort for a standard car which by all reports is handing the GT3’s their collective butts even with a driver who’s arm just got out of a cast.