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Tire Rack One Lap of America: Car & Driver – Final Results and Story

May 13, 2008

Well the One Lap has wrapped up and after all is said and done the Nissan GT-R did a great job against some big competition.

After last update the cars headed on to the BeaveRun events. GT-R put in a superb effort finishing 6th in event 17 and 4th in event 18 unfortunately in the autocross event 19 the GT-R missed a gate and thus was penalised with a DNF for the entire event. There was a lot of confusion over this rule and 21 other cars were penalised similarly. At this stage everyone was exhausted so weren’t exactly willing to stick around on the off chance the rules would be reviewed and a second chance given. Finally event 20 – the dry skid pad – the GT-R managed 0.98g and placed 23rd.

So overall the GT-R finished 11th and 7th in class. Just prior to the autocross DNF it was in 5th place overall so you can see it is really a shame.

Now for the wrapup from the pilot of the GT-R for the duration of the event, Car & Driver editor Tony Swan has placed a great article covering the event up on the Car & Driver web site. A very good read so check it out!

The bottom line: whatever all you Corvette and Porsche zealots may say, the GT-R is a serious player in the supercar game. It’s a formidable sports car—fast and competent, with cutting-edge technical sophistication.

Tony Swan, Car & Driver

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