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Tire Rack offering 2009 Nissan GT-R Wheels and Tyres

May 9, 2008

Perhaps to co-incide with the whole Tire Rack and Car & Driver One Lap of America Tire rack have added Bridgestone Potenza RE070 20″ runflats on their website at a refreshingly affordable price. After hearing of Nissan Japan’s price for these tires it’s good to see Nissan had simply kept the tradition of large mark ups on parts and that tire shops aren’t as crazy. Prices are $373 USD per front tire and $388 per rear tire.

Tire Rack are also offering the all season Dunlop 7010 DSST runflats at a slightly higher $404 USD each per front and $447 USD each per rear.

As for wheels, Tire Rack has added the Rays Gram Lights R57GT for Nissan GT-R to their inventory as well priced at $3,880 USD per set. Not sure what offsets Tire Rack are stocking right now but these are the same wheel we first saw on the Zele International / Harrison demo car pictured. If the offsets are right they can look quite good.

Source: Tire Rack via NAGTROC
Image: Zele International

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