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The Pitfalls of Being Godzilla

October 28, 2008

Nissan’s new GT-R really stirred up emotions when announced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005. The GT-R Proto was a seed that grew into a giant campaign of hype all over the world.

When the car finally arrived in 2007 the hype didn’t die down, on the contrary, it exploded. Growing exponentially while the car continued to live up to and exceed expectations. The 7 minute 29 laptime at Nurburgring being a shining example of what the car could do. Just as long as you had a formula 1 driver at the wheel, balls the size of planets and many many laps on the ‘ring to yourself.

At some point it got silly though. The car was put on a pedestal and forced to endure some ridiculous comparisons. The car, aimed at showing up the Porsche 911 twin turbo, was now being asked to join the hypercar ranks and compete.

It’s not so surprising when today we have not one but two such examples of this to show you guys. First up is Motor Trend’s article The War of the Worlds Supercar Shootout.

I love to read articles like this but is the GT-R expected to compete here? Or is this kind of article soothing to some who got their butts whipped in their “standard versions” of these cars? Not counting the Ferrari of course, it’s a Ferrari afterall.

Next we have almost the same article minus the Eurpoeans as Edmunds pit their GT-R against a brand new (with bonus oil leak) ZR1. You can’t help but like the ZR1 though as it does something great for the money. Yes $100k is a lot of money for a Corvette but it’s a lot of Corvette.

Chrome wheels though? Ugh…

Link: Motor Trend: The War of the Worlds Supercar Shootout
Link: Edmunds: 2009 ZR1 vs 2009 GT-R

[Thanks to Chuck from NAGTROC for the MotorTrend link]

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