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The 7:29 Story – Interview With Tochio Suzuki

May 20, 2008

The Nissan GT-R’s recent amazing Nurburgring laptime was set by chief Nissan test driver Tochio Suzuki. Drivers Republic recently caught up with Suzuki-san at the Nissan event at Estoril, Portugal for a chat on how the GT-R drove on that fateful day back in April.

The article has a couple of great bits of information like:

‘This time was set on a totally standard car, just like a customer will get. For us ‘Time Attack’ must be repeatable in a customer car. No special brake pads or cut-slick tyres – everything was standard GTR.’ The time, set on April 8th, was achieved on the Dunlop SP Sport 600 DSST tyre that is standard on the basic GTR (i.e. non Premium or ‘Black’ spec, which both have Bridgestone RE070R tyres). The Dunlop is a little noisier and not quite as good in the wet as the RE070R, but in the dry it’s worth 4-5 seconds around the ‘Ring.


Mizuno also showed journalists the data trace for the 7.29 lap which goes to show how comitted Suzuki-san was to that lap – twice reaching 290 kph and averaging 1.3 lateral G in turns. Suzuki-san goes on to predict the V-Spec will lap 10 seconds faster than the 7.29 base model GT-R mostly due to a more aggressive tire.

Head on over to their website to read the full article although signup is required to view the pics.

Source: Drivers-Republic.com via CBA-R35 Blog

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