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Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge: Media Day Shakedown

October 3, 2008

Day 0 of the rally is today and it’s media day which gives us the chance to get up close and personal with the cars and the drivers while they’re not tearing up the tarmac of northwest Tasmania. Teams also get a chance to drive a shakedown session.

During the shakedown sessions teams got their first shot at driving at speed in the slippery conditions. This proved to be “moment” inducing for some of the drivers, even those with 4WD and for one team it meant the end to rally for this year already as their Mitsubishi Evolution met tree rear end in (pic after the jump). Hopefully the guys are ok.

Tony Alfords in the Donut King pink GT-R was the first R35 out and of course they’re running standard runflat tyres. Alfords found that the GT-Rs traction control was making itself useful as it helped them sort out the lack of grip at some sections.

Hi Octane Racing’s GT-R (top photo) with Russ Newman and Ben Wooster driving is looking even better than ever now sporting it’s brand new GTRBlog.com decals (big thanks Russ). The team also went out for a run and found the GT-R was extremely quick. The power and torque overwhelming the grip a touch on some of the still wet sections but overall they found it a great reliable combination for the race.

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Images: Joel Strickland