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TAS2009: Zele Complete Edition Priced, Sale Date Announced

January 11, 2009

Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 marks the official debut of the Zele Complete Edition, pricing is announced and orders can now be taken. GTRBlog was on the scene to check out the Zele Performance booth and it was most certainly one of the best at the show.

Featuring three cars, the Zele Complete Edition R35 GT-R, the Zele Performance Z34 Fairlady Z and the Zele Gran Turismo 5 V36 Skyline Coupe.

The Zele Complete Edition is officially priced at 18,880,000 yen for each of the eight cars that will be produced. This extremely limited edition is available for pre-order with an official on-sale date of 30th of March 2009.

We have much more information available on our recent Zele Complete Edition post including a video of the exhaust sound note so check this link for more information.

For now enjoy our photos from the Zele Performance booth, thanks to Kamata-san from Zele International for placing our GTRBlog.com sticker on the Zele Complete Edition rear window at the worlds biggest tuner car show!

Link: Zele Performance Website
Link: Zele Complete Edition Launch Press Release
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