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TAS09: Power House Amuse R35 Phantom Still a Crowd Favourite

January 14, 2009

Not much has changed on the Power House Amuse Nissan GT-R in terms of appearance but it’s most likely because they got the formula so perfect first time around. Still a huge crowd drawer at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009, it was good to see how timeless the late Hideki Tanabe-san’s design was and that it most certainly still holds it’s own in the flesh and around a race track against most newcomers.

Featuring the full Power House Amuse Exhaust including the R1-Titan Extra STTi muffler, the R1000-No1 turbine outlets and the R1000-No2 straight RS STTi midpipes. Combined with the Hi-Tech ROM ECU and a HKS EVC5 to control boost and it’s good for 611ps.

Aero is also handled by original Amuse products, the Amuse front under diffuser and the Amuse carbon rear wing offer improved downforce allowing for higher cornering speeds.

Suspension is adjustable via the Power House Amuse R1 Adjusting Kit which allows the standard Bilstein Damptronic dampers to take aftermarket springs and have an adjustable ride height. Spring rates chosen are 20kg/mm front and 12kg/mm rear.

Wheels are standard and fill the guards nicely when lowered like this, tires are also standard but a set of rear 285/35 tires are fitted to the front of the car to assist in getting the understeer under control.

These slight modifications are all it took to get into the low 59’s at Tsukuba Circuit (59.061).

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