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TAS2009: Power Enterprise Four Charger GT-R

January 10, 2009

The Power Enterprise R35 GT-R Four Charger made quite a statement when it was announced in December. Twin charging each side of the engine bay for a total of four turbines seems like an interesting idea at first glance but the use of Rotorex superchargers called the usefulness of this into doubt.

GTRBlog spoke with Hideo-san from Power Enterprise today at Tokyo AutoSalon where the Four Charger is on display about the realistic side of the Four Charger setup.

Firstly, yes this kit is planned for sale globally so this isn’t just a one off demo car for AutoSalon. So we asked; Why go down the complicated Four Charger route instead of just doing something like an increase in turbocharger size? The answer is found in terms of peak power RPM and the useable power band.

No-one can really say the VR38DETT motor lacks mid range torque, in fact it’s a great lag free drive in many owners opinions. Power Enterprise think it could be better though so making peak power available at just 4,000 rpm (instead of the ~6,000 rpm standard) is there goal. When they say peak power though they’re not referring to the standard 480ps anymore – they mean as much as 700ps!

Yes this kit is being built to produce as much as 700ps in the top specification. At specifications higher than 600ps your standard injectors and fuel pump are not sufficient anymore and such kits will come with replacements for each. In fact all OE parts not up to the task will be replaced by components in the final kit so that customers will not have to shop around for bits and pieces to finish the job. This includes an ECU solution that is said to defeat all known ECU cutouts such as the overboost protection, transmission failsafe cutout, Japanese speed limiters and so forth.

The P-MAP ECU tuned by Power Enterprise for the R35 GT-R Four Charger is said to be able to intercept the relevant signals which cause the GT-R’s ECU to trigger these protection circuits and prevent it occurring. It’s a separate module that is wired into the ECU harness.

The kit will consist of the superchargers, an intake hard pipe kit w/ silicon joiners and upgraded host clamps, CAI setup, a replacement radiator shroud (aluminium most likely), injectors, fuel pump and so on. An upgraded intercooler is also in development.

As for changing the weight distribution of the car with all this gear at the front of the engine, Power Enterprise say the footprint is quite small and that the weight is not a serious concern.

Right now the kit is still in testing so no final dyno charts are available and for this reason Power Enterprise won’t release any official dyno chart. They will however have these available when the kit is completed to their high standards and proven reliable.

Expect all this to come at a price however, an estimated USD RRP of $10,000 – $15,000 dollars.

For those happy with “just” 600ps, Power Enterprise have you covered as well with their GT600 kit. Check our previous post on that one for contents but photos of the items are below. Their exhaust looks great as expected from these guys.

Thank’s to Hideo-san from Power Enterprise for the time to answer our questions.

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