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TAS2009: Mine’s Reveal New GT-R Carbon Parts

January 10, 2009

Mine’s have been quite good at keeping their latest carbon parts away from the public so that they can reveal them at Tokyo AutoSalon this year. Partnering again with Mooncraft, they have produced quite a number of premium quality parts for the discerning GT-R owner.

First up we have an updated Mine’s Dry Carbon front lip spoiler. This new lip integrates brake ducting and a slightly more aggressive look. This is available concurrently with the original Mine’s front lip spoiler.

Next we have this brand new carbon hood. Styled identical to the OE hood this has an exceptional finish and can be left bare or painted as shown on here the Mine’s demo car. The Mine’s carbon hood saves weight over the front end of the car, combine with the Mine’s anti-sway bars to help eliminate understeer.

Here we see the new Mine’s carbon trunk lid. Another weight saver which is again top quality. It’s finished here with the new Mine’s carbon fibre rear wing aero cover, again from Mooncraft.

Lastly for this post we see the finished Mine’s Type-II aero mirror covers. The design is changed over any prototypes we’ve seen before.

We’ll get some pricing and maybe even some weights of these items shortly. Until then enjoy the rest of the photos after the jump.

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