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TAS09: TWS AVANZATO Forged Magnesium Wheels

January 25, 2009

Tan-Ei-Sya Wheels Supply Co or TWS for short isn’t a big name in wheels internationally just yet but these Japanese made forged magnesium wheels should be on your list if ultimate performance is your goal when choosing a wheel.

Available in specific Nissan GT-R fitment, these TWS AVANZTO series wheels fitted to the TWS demo come in 20×9.5 +37 offset front size weighing just 9.85kg each. The rears are 20×10.5 +19 offset size and weigh 10.68kg each. These lightweight wheels put them over 2kg lighter per front than standard and over 1.5kg lighter per rear than the standard forged Rays wheels.

That kind of unsprung rotational mass saving can benefit you considerably more than the numbers suggest on paper.

Link: TWS Website
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