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TAS09: Garage Saurus GT-R, Original Saurus Parts Net 650ps

January 13, 2009

One of the more subdued GT-Rs at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 was also sporting some interesting modifications. Regular readers will have been tracking Garage Saurus’ build up for some time now and at AutoSalon we finally got to take some close up photos.

Featuring the Garage Saurus original parts lineup such as the exhaust system including Garage Saurus Extension front pipes, Garage Saurus No.2 straight through mid-pipes and Garage Saurus centre exit muffler.

On the intake side, an original Garage Saurus intake/intercooler hard pipe kit with silicon hose joiners was held together with upgraded hose clamps. A pair of Trust/GReddy R35 GT-R intercoolers is fitted to round it out.

Making 650ps on the standard fuel delivery system is not a great idea, the injectors will be strained resulting in a lean fuel mixture. Something you definitely can not live with. Garage Saurus have thus upgraded the injectors and to provide that stronger spark, have gone with OKD-R Coils. Controlling all these is a Garage Saurus Power-ROM ECU upgrade.

In terms of handling, Garage Saurus tuned Ohlins suspension with 16kg/mm spring rates up front and 12kg/mm spring rates in the rear does the job. Wheels are Yokohama ADVAN RS-D in size 9.5×20″+40mm offset front and 10.5×20″+20 offset rear wrapped in 255/35 front and 285/30 rear Yokohama ADVAN Sports tires. Stopping power is enhanced with some new Project µ brake rotors front and rear with Project µ 900i brake pads.

A Garage Saurus GT-R transmission cooler kit keeps trans temps down at the track.

Check out the Garage Saurus GT-R at our photo gallery by clicking read more link below.

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