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Tamiya 1/10th Scale SuperGT Nismo Xanavi GT-R Pre-Order Available Now

October 20, 2008

The #23 Xanavi Nismo GT500 GT-R looks set to be the championship winning GT-R in it’s debut SuperGT season and Tamiya have produced this amazing 1/10th scale RC car to celebrate. Utilising the TB-03 chassis featuring a highly realistic body and full decal set. It’s 456mm long (18 inches) and also ships with GT500 style TE37 wheels.

This kit is due for a November 1st release in Japan but through GTRBlog.com‘s partner, Hobby Link Japan, you can pre-order it for delivery as SOON as possible. The price for the kit is 21,800 yen plus EMS shipping to your door.

This is the second Nissan GT-R 1/10th scale RC car kit from Tamiya, the first one being the TT-01E LED kit released earlier in the year based on the standard Nissan R35 GT-R. I can speak from experience as I have built the standard GT-R kit when I say that Tamiya kits rise well above the rest in terms of quality of components as well as fit and finish.

If you’re interested in the standard GT-R kit, Tamiya are about to release the XB (eXpert Built) GT-R kit which ships pre-built and painted with everything required including radio set. The XB Nissan GT-R will retail for 25,800 yen but in reality it is quite a bargain when you factor in buying quality radio gear on top of the standard kit. Pre-order that at Hobby Link Japan also.

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